Jordan Todorov

Jordan Todorov is a journalist, documentary director, film critic and translator from German to Bulgarian. He currently lives in Berlin. Todorov is the producer of Plamen (2015), a film about Plamen Goranov whose death by self-immolation was an act of protest, director of the films Concrete Pharaohs (2010), which focuses on the Kalderash Roma community in Bulgaria, and Dad Made Dirty Movies (2011) about the erotic film director Stephen C. Apostolof, who was born in Burgas and fled to the USA during totalitarianism, as well as co-writer of a biography of Apostolof (2020).

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We Need Movies That Bring Change

Today, 20 years later, the Bulgarian documentary wave described at the beginning of this text is a thing of the past. But the interest in documentaries is still alive and well. Many of the people who were part of this wave have entered or are entering new territories.

If you are a fan of Bulgarian documentary films, there is no way you missed his Dad Made Dirty Movies (2012) – a story about Stephen Apostolof, the most successful Bulgarian in Hollywood. It is the work of film critic, journalist and director Jordan Todorov.

Dad Made Dirty Movies

Dad Made Dirty Movies introduces us to Stephen Apostolof, the most successful Bulgarian in Hollywood you've probably never heard of. Stephen was a former political prisoner, playboy, director of B-rated erotic films, father of five children and one of the founders of the first Bulgarian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles.

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