Beyond the Limits of Imagination: The Story of Meadows in the Mountains

Benjamin Sasse, founder of the cult Meadows in the Mountains, talks about the development of the festival in the last decade and why "the mountain is safe for everyone"

Vision for journal: A manual to Manifesta 14

Swimming Pool's new online platform looks for the connection between art and communities and this month tells us about the main themes of the nomadic biennial Manifesta in Pristina.

Berlin clubs are going climate neutral

The Clubtopia project helps owners retrofit their clubs to make them greener

Ashira Morris tells us why Bulgaria feels like the the perfect level of chaos where things feel possible.

Once Upon a Time in Athos

Where everyone has time to read: Stratos Kalafatis on what brings him back to Athos and the importance of photobooks.

Here and There - Two Places for Culture

One of the good things about December is the anticipation of what the coming year will bring. That is why we are looking for future "hot" destinations for culture and art which we can visit regularly. Where we will experience things and become enriched by them. Where we will make connections between our heritage, modernity and global trends. Between here and there.

Abandoned Utopias with Danila Tkachenko

Danila Tkachenko is an award-winning visual artist from Moscow who describes himself as a "composer" of a new reality and explores various consequences of the human quest for a utopian future with documentary photography.

Portraits of the Human: Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre have been exploring modern ruins with their cameras for years and have noticed that what leads to development is also the cause of destruction.

The exhibition Traces of Empires brings together some of his most interesting photographs from around the world.

Buzludzha - Until Your Eyes Pop Out

With the help of social media and reports from media organizations such as The Guardian, CNN and The Economist, Buzludzha has become the most famous abandoned building in the world.

Underwater Past

The project @podvodata publish archival footage along with interesting excerpts, quotes or memories, turning this into a one-of-a-kind multimedia source .The goal is to reach a younger generations, and to inspire in their audience a curiosity about their own past and roots.

Haunted by the Ghost of the Past

In Urbex Gaitandjiev films abandoned buildings, underground spaces and facilities, whose present is marked by disrepair.

Welcome to the Post-Industrial Age

Denislav Stoychev captures faces and places so naturally that it's easy to forget that there is a foreign presence, a photographer behind them. Photographs of abandoned buildings make up a large part of his archive, although this is far from the only thing that interests him.

In Belarus you can find not just the beginnings of a civil society, but also a completely different artistic scene.

Joe Caslin and the Streets of Ireland

Joe Caslin is a teacher responsible for some of the most provoking pieces of street art anyone has ever seen on the streets of Ireland

Mountain Graphics

NoPoint Atelier is a compact silkscreen and risograph printing studio in the heart of Bulgaria that provides a dedicated space for work, creation, production, and experimentation.


"Each and every country has their own unique contribution but I never ceased to be amazed by the creative talent and charisma of the region."