Save the night with VERA

One of the popular names of the German electronic club scena comes to Sofia for the first birthday party of DOM club bringing her selection and experience, built since the Love Parade years in the early 90s.

Sounds from the Woomb

The latest project from producer Gueorgui Linev and photographer Hristo Yordanov, for whom music is a way of experiencing extreme emotions.

Galloping and diving into the rhythms of Puma and the Dolphin.

Post 1000 Names Nikolay Todorov has devoted himself to his Puma & The Dolphin project which provided the sountrack to the massively successful Louis Vitton/Yayoi Kysama campaign.

Martian Tabakov, Martin Penev and Andrew Anderson forgive all those who don't get what they're about

Beyond the Limits of Imagination: The Story of Meadows in the Mountains

Benjamin Sasse, founder of the cult Meadows in the Mountains, talks about the development of the festival in the last decade and why "the mountain is safe for everyone"

Que Sakamoto and the Japanese trace on club culture

The DJ and producer Que Sakamoto comes from Tokyo's underground music scene and brings the Japanese aesthetic to clubs around the world

Alexander Evtimov - Shamancheto on the generation that stopped waiting

The core member of the BigBanda community finds new challenges in writing for the stage and believes that courage pays off

Electronic Sound

A guide to the “dehumanizing” sounds, from hardware to software and back again

Ivan Shopov's musical journeys through rock, computer clubs, electronica parties and folkloric ornaments

SAIGO's musical nomadism

The neo-soul performer and frequent collaborator of Kan Wakan found the right stage and a surprisingly openminded audience in Bulgaria

KANAAL: Тhrough the proper channels

Antonia and Lyubomir Chonos have been married for fifteen years, and even though two thirds of their marriage have been spent at KANAAL, they can still make each other laugh, which is probably the key to their success.

Tonearm, cartridge, stylus and vinyl

After years in which vinyl factories and record companies around the world suffered from the lack of profitable interest in their product, with its high sound quality and collector's value, and many expected an even darker future of total market collapse, a new trend surprised everyone – a significant jump in vinyl sales.

Todor Karastoyanov has deep connections to the stage but he does not like the spotlight. He is part of at least one project you may have heard live whose members prefer to remain anonymous. He plays for (or has co-founded) the bands 3TELETA, Lacrima Christi, Animatsionerite, Nasekomix

Meet you at the Fonoteka after midnight

Music blogs and media have become increasingly rare, and there are very few Bulgarian examples with any longevity: among them is Fonoteka Elektrika, which Alexander Vladimirov started more than a decade ago, and which remains the perfect guide to what is going on at "clubs, basements and afterparties."

Who is listening, and how, and why?

Feedbacker, TDK, Expectations and Krekhaus - several bands tell us how to build an audience, mutual trust and sustainability.

Radioman Tsvetan Tsvetanov

In 2008 Alarma Punk Jazz was spontaneously born – a concert series and a real revolution on national airwaves. Since then, hundreds of different bands have performed live on the Hristo Botev program and Tsvetan has long been one of the most active promoters of alternative music in Bulgaria.

Behind the booth: Iskterika

About three years ago, Anna-Maria Hadzhistoyanova (Annna) stepped outside of the fashion world, where she still works as a stylist, and added music to her list of activities. This is how the Isterika party series was born, founded and entirely run by her, and offering a great selection of local and foreign DJs.

Behind the booth: Julieta Intergalactica

Striking representatives of our current DJ scene, which recently began to rouse from its long covid slumber, and found out more about what things look like behind the booth

The labyrinth of Leena's Subconscious

Over the last three years, Leena (Tsvetelina Lazova) has given us many signs that something bigger is coming – and now it's finally here

Atelier: Can't Let a Jazz Hall Go Thirsty

The event series "Hala Jazz" is organized by the craft beer brand Hala, and the format presents a rare influx of ideas from places that have shut down to those that survived the recent crises: the jazz musicians that play at Atelier until recently played in the semi-secret Try C bar next to the Sofia Court House.

Yasen Markov is an architect and musician who always goes by the name TECHNOBETON – it's the name of both company and his music project. He studied architecture in Germany, and continued to work and teach there. He is one of the six Bulgarian electronic artists who are part of the multimedia initiative Altitude Attitude organized by the music media Fonoteka Elektrika.


If the phrase "citizen of the world" didn't currently carry a strong whiff of provincialism, that's how we would describe Raja El Madhun. Actually, it's enough to say that she is a very talented person who speaks four languages, studied finance at the University of National and World Economy and, fortunately for all of us, soon realized that her true calling is music.

Ivo Dimchev's Songbook

Who hasn't heard Ivo Dimchev, who hasn't listened to him? Recently, it seems that there is no person in the online space who has not come across the songs and recordings of his home concerts for a narrow circle of people, which became a hit not only in Bulgaria, with which he was able to win admiration from David Lynch.


After Bulgaria, Denmark and China, the guitarist finds both harbor and challenges in London.


The name of the Bulgarian duo Hug or Handshake is quite funny and unintentionally ironic nowadays. Both the hug and the handshake suddenly acquired a very different context during the pandemic.

This year, the main activity of Sofia Queer Forum 2020 is the creation of an archive titled The History of Crossdressing, a project by Zgurovski and Boryana Rossa. It will be presented on December 28 as an exhibition, both in the gallery and online at, where the archive can be explored.


Samuil Kehayov is one of the driving forces behind artnewscafé. Working under the pseudonym Sayulke, Samuil is responsible for the diverse program of the space, and he's also the founder of the audio-visual group Melformator, part of the Nordic Soundscapes platform, and this year, together with Denitsa Chakarova, he's the organizer of a series of events about music, technology, education and digital arts, all part of Plovdiv's program as the European Capital of Culture 2019.


She is a world-class composer. Her pieces have been performed by various ensembles, broadcast on air, played in cathedrals and on recordings such as the Collection of English Anthems, which features her piece "Praise" in honor of Elizabeth II. In 2014, her first album String Paths (ECM Records) was nominated for a Grammy. She also has dozens of other prestigious international awards in her biography, and has received praise for her compositions in publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.


If you love both post-punk and electro, and often find yourself missing early 80s new wave, Les Animaux Sauvages will come to your rescue. Its lead vocalist and lyricist is the actress Sibila Seraphim, and their sound is created by Ivo Stoyadinov – Charlie, whose unmistakable guitar riffs directly transport you to another dimension.