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On the skating board

Adding skateboarding to the list of activities supported by the Youth Union was not only a way for the system to retain control and closely monitor the activities of young people, but also, in its own way, a ridiculous paradox. Because Bulgaria is perhaps one of the few Eastern European countries where skateboarding, a peculiar underground culture, was institutionalized.

Haunted by the Ghost of the Past

In Urbex Gaitandjiev films abandoned buildings, underground spaces and facilities, whose present is marked by disrepair.


The parallels between Todor Zhivkov and Boyko Borissov have been explored many times in public and journalistic spaces, as well as in art. In his new book He breaks he cuts he spills (Janet 45), photographer Nikola Mihov brings this parallel to a higher level.

"Each and every country has their own unique contribution but I never ceased to be amazed by the creative talent and charisma of the region."

Bojina Who Sees Red

When the Iron Curtain fell in 1989, Bojina Panayotova was just eight years old. Shortly after, her family moved to Paris, where she discovered cinema. It brought her back to Bulgaria and her own past in her first feature film I See Red People, which had its world premiere as part of the Berlinale documentary program this year.