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Sofia’s Gardeners

There is urban agriculture in Bulgaria, but it needs institutional support to develop

Bulgaria, why?

Ashira Morris tells us why Bulgaria feels like the the perfect level of chaos where things feel possible.

Tell Me: Dance magnets under the floorboards

The two Violets who turned Tell Me into a colorful place for dancing and freedom

Antonia and Lyubomir Chonos have been married for fifteen years, and even though two thirds of their marriage have been spent at KANAAL, they can still make each other laugh, which is probably the key to their success.

Poetic archeology

How literary walks are created and what is the role of the city in the work of poets

Behind the booth: Julieta Intergalactica

Striking representatives of our current DJ scene, which recently began to rouse from its long covid slumber, and found out more about what things look like behind the booth

Here and There - Two Places for Culture

One of the good things about December is the anticipation of what the coming year will bring. That is why we are looking for future "hot" destinations for culture and art which we can visit regularly. Where we will experience things and become enriched by them. Where we will make connections between our heritage, modernity and global trends. Between here and there.

Dancehouse: Derida Stage, DNA, Etude Gallery and Toplocentrala

Over the years, a number of spaces (some more sustainable than others) have provided a space for contemporary dance, although the ones entirely dedicated to this form can be counted on the fingers of one hand – which creates the impression that modern dance is everywhere and almost nowhere all at once.

We can enjoy many book covers featuring Vyara Boyadzhieva's work, and she is also working on several projects for illustrated children's books, including one that she is writing herself.

One Book Bookstore

At a time when small businesses are struggling, bookstores are opening and closing, and there are many challenges with distribution, Yordan D. Radichkov did something quite strange: he opened One Book Bookstore, at 8 Varbitsa Street, which only sells one book for a specific amount time, along with prints by illustrators who worked on that edition.

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