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The Extenuating Circumstances of Samuel Finzi

After January and before his March visit to Sofia with A Horse Walks into a Bar, Samuel Finzi tells us why thinking and acting are more important than feeling when you’re on stage

Annie Vaseva and the Big Chaos Theory

Over 15 years, Metheor has built a different type of thinking about the art of theater

Alexander Evtimov - Shamancheto on the generation that stopped waiting

The core member of the BigBanda community finds new challenges in writing for the stage and believes that courage pays off

"For me, everything takes a great deal of effort, but in the end it is exactly as it should be," says Martina Apostolova

Rin Yamamura: Life upside down

How a Japanese puppeteer decided to study in Bulgaria, and the definition of a "sleeping man"

Ana Bateva: Gunpowder on Screen and Stage

For Ana Bateva, one of the leading young theater directors in Bulgaria, being Macedonian in our country today is like being between a rock and a hard place


Coming from a family known for several musicians, a sculptor and one of our most prominent poets and translators, Boris Dalchev is a young artist and set designer, and we'll certainly be hearing a lot more about him.

Marieta Golomekhova

If you look closely at the biography of set designer Marieta Golomehova, you will notice that ever since she began working in theater in 2002, she has done at least one performance per year with the director Veselka Kuncheva.

For the Japanese artist, who chose Bulgaria as her home about fifteen years ago, the clothes on the stage and the actors in the puppet theater are the domains where she stands out and for which she has received numerous nominations for the Icarus and Askeer prizes.


It is difficult to talk about Venelin Shurelov in one short paragraph. There is an impossible amount you want to say and list. Countless projects that go beyond standard formats, all collected in many solo and group exhibitions, festivals, installations, videos, animations, awards from around the world and in our country, and last but not least, theater in the form of performances, costumes and scenography.