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Animators Against War

In late February, hundreds of Russian animators joined their Ukrainian counterparts in condemning the war in a collective statement. Just a few days later, "Animators Against War" appeared in Russia – a collective of more than a hundred artists who created a series of short videos whose main message was "No to war."


For years, we have admired her work in graphic design and illustration, things she describes as "the most fun kind of game." We can also add her successful work in animation – especially Father, but also Traveling Country (both from Compote Collective).


It would be somewhat confusing if a person named Rosalina wasn't doing something colorful and refreshing. Fortunately, this described the illustrator and freelance animator Rosalina Burkova, whom we are happy to find in various projects around the world, as well as in our country.

Digging around the world of animated cinema in our country, we can't forget to mention the Compote collective. The collective has become a trademark of quality animated cinema, and not just in our local scene.

Theodore Ushev

Animator, author of short films and installations, teacher, visual artist – Theodore Ushev is a well-known on the global visual arts scene.