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On the skating board

Adding skateboarding to the list of activities supported by the Youth Union was not only a way for the system to retain control and closely monitor the activities of young people, but also, in its own way, a ridiculous paradox. Because Bulgaria is perhaps one of the few Eastern European countries where skateboarding, a peculiar underground culture, was institutionalized.

Limited editions

Independent printed publications by Bulgarian authors are already numerous enough to be collected in a special physical and digital archive.

Directing with Dignity

"Spontaneous" is a word that often sneaks into Adela Peeva's stories when she is talking about her movies. Spontaneity seems to work for her – she recently turned seventy-five, and she marked the occasion with screenings of a selection of her films, from the more recent titles to ones that are rarely shown or were outright banned during totalitarianism.

Patrick Harjei is an internationally renowned, multidisciplinary illustrator, graphic designer and researcher who we will have the pleasure of listening to and watching live as one of the guests at the one-day symposium at the MELBA 2021 Design Festival

Underwater Past

The project @podvodata publish archival footage along with interesting excerpts, quotes or memories, turning this into a one-of-a-kind multimedia source .The goal is to reach a younger generations, and to inspire in their audience a curiosity about their own past and roots.


The parallels between Todor Zhivkov and Boyko Borissov have been explored many times in public and journalistic spaces, as well as in art. In his new book He breaks he cuts he spills (Janet 45), photographer Nikola Mihov brings this parallel to a higher level.


Tihomir Stoyanov's book I give you this picture brings us back to the forgotten tradition of sharing photos with inscriptions written on the back.


This year, the main activity of Sofia Queer Forum 2020 is the creation of an archive titled The History of Crossdressing, a project by Zgurovski and Boryana Rossa. It will be presented on December 28 as an exhibition, both in the gallery and online at dragbg.sofiaqueerforum.org, where the archive can be explored.

Collecting found photography and photography books can offer a different understanding of human history and the recent past


Archive of Bulgarian Visual Arts ABVA has a new official home on www.abva.bg, where we can enjoy it in a very refined and structured form as it continues to grow and develop before our eyes

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