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Tell Me: Dance magnets under the floorboards

The two Violets who turned Tell Me into a colorful place for dancing and freedom

KANAAL: Тhrough the proper channels

Antonia and Lyubomir Chonos have been married for fifteen years, and even though two thirds of their marriage have been spent at KANAAL, they can still make each other laugh, which is probably the key to their success.

Meet you at the Fonoteka after midnight

Music blogs and media have become increasingly rare, and there are very few Bulgarian examples with any longevity: among them is Fonoteka Elektrika, which Alexander Vladimirov started more than a decade ago, and which remains the perfect guide to what is going on at "clubs, basements and afterparties."

About three years ago, Anna-Maria Hadzhistoyanova (Annna) stepped outside of the fashion world, where she still works as a stylist, and added music to her list of activities. This is how the Isterika party series was born, founded and entirely run by her, and offering a great selection of local and foreign DJs.

Behind the booth: Julieta Intergalactica

Striking representatives of our current DJ scene, which recently began to rouse from its long covid slumber, and found out more about what things look like behind the booth


Yasen Markov is an architect and musician who always goes by the name TECHNOBETON – it's the name of both company and his music project. He studied architecture in Germany, and continued to work and teach there. He is one of the six Bulgarian electronic artists who are part of the multimedia initiative Altitude Attitude organized by the music media Fonoteka Elektrika.


Samuil Kehayov is one of the driving forces behind artnewscafé. Working under the pseudonym Sayulke, Samuil is responsible for the diverse program of the space, and he's also the founder of the audio-visual group Melformator, part of the Nordic Soundscapes platform, and this year, together with Denitsa Chakarova, he's the organizer of a series of events about music, technology, education and digital arts, all part of Plovdiv's program as the European Capital of Culture 2019.