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Beyond the Limits of Imagination: The Story of Meadows in the Mountains

Benjamin Sasse, founder of the cult Meadows in the Mountains, talks about the development of the festival in the last decade and why "the mountain is safe for everyone"

The new edition of Sofia DocuMental crosses all borders

The new edition of the first Bulgarian documentary film festival dedicated to human rights - Sofia DocuМental starts in September.

Quiet, the Iranian movie is about to start

If you've been to a screening from the MENAR Festival program (covering Middle Eastern, Central Asian and North African cinema), it's quite likely that the event also involved tea, food, or books.

If contemporary dance was a sea, then its local festival currents only began to move in the years after Bulgaria's accession to the European Union, when the first editions of the oldest specialized forums in this field began to appear.

Chris Haughton's neon palettes

He describes his style as simple and colorful, and his characters as helpful but still missing something important. This is how the Irish illustrator, book author and social entrepreneur Chris Haughton sees himself.


Series of exhibitions, actions and performances, over seventy artists from all over the world and working in all kinds of different genres took part in Sofia Art Week.

Joe Caslin and the Streets of Ireland

Joe Caslin is a teacher responsible for some of the most provoking pieces of street art anyone has ever seen on the streets of Ireland

The Complete Set of Adriana and Boyana

The duo constitutes an efficient combat unit when it comes to spaces, events and all kinds of endeavors related to good design and an appreciation of visual culture

The twins in this project are James and Michael Fitzgerald - Ireland-based art duo that works across a wide range of disciplines of the visual arts, including illustration, graphic design, printmaking, painting and three-dimensional work.