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Poetry's "Other Light"

"Оther light" is a video triptych by artists Ralitsa Toneva and Spartak Yordanov inspired by contemporary Bulgarian poetry.

Big little books

ICU and DA poetry publishing house are part of the rise of small publishing houses in the last 15 years, but that is not the only thing they have in common.

Made of words

Joanna Elmy has long given us good reasons to read and think, but now also in the long form of a novel.

How literary walks are created and what is the role of the city in the work of poets

Mark as read

With her project under development "Bookmarks" Maria Nalbantova explores reading habits and what the small traces say about the past.

The tender reader Olga Tokarczuk

The writer of childhood among library shelves, reading in grandma's yard and the pinnacle of fiction

Nikola Petrov

Recently "DA" Poetry Publishing House published his third poetry book "They are not monsters"

Maria Macedonska

Winner of various awards over the years, Maria recently fought for first place at the second Huawei Smartphone Film Festival with her documentary short film "In Search of the Boy Who Singed"

You may know Nadezhda Radulova mostly as an English translator. She worked on books by authors such as Philip Roth, Garth Greenwell, Raymond Carver. Against this background, she has been publishing poetry since the early '90s.

Marin Bodakov

Marin Bodakov writes, publishes and carefully follows the literature scene through his criticism. He is the author of several collections of poems. He has been running the "Literature" section in the "Kultura" newspaper.