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SAIGO's musical nomadism

The neo-soul performer and frequent collaborator of Kan Wakan found the right stage and a surprisingly openminded audience in Bulgaria

Music undercover

Todor Karastoyanov has deep connections to the stage but he does not like the spotlight. He is part of at least one project you may have heard live whose members prefer to remain anonymous. He plays for (or has co-founded) the bands 3TELETA, Lacrima Christi, Animatsionerite, Nasekomix

Who is listening, and how, and why?

Feedbacker, TDK, Expectations and Krekhaus - several bands tell us how to build an audience, mutual trust and sustainability.

In 2008 Alarma Punk Jazz was spontaneously born – a concert series and a real revolution on national airwaves. Since then, hundreds of different bands have performed live on the Hristo Botev program and Tsvetan has long been one of the most active promoters of alternative music in Bulgaria.

Atelier: Can't Let a Jazz Hall Go Thirsty

The event series "Hala Jazz" is organized by the craft beer brand Hala, and the format presents a rare influx of ideas from places that have shut down to those that survived the recent crises: the jazz musicians that play at Atelier until recently played in the semi-secret Try C bar next to the Sofia Court House.


If the phrase "citizen of the world" didn't currently carry a strong whiff of provincialism, that's how we would describe Raja El Madhun. Actually, it's enough to say that she is a very talented person who speaks four languages, studied finance at the University of National and World Economy and, fortunately for all of us, soon realized that her true calling is music.


After Bulgaria, Denmark and China, the guitarist finds both harbor and challenges in London.


The name of the Bulgarian duo Hug or Handshake is quite funny and unintentionally ironic nowadays. Both the hug and the handshake suddenly acquired a very different context during the pandemic.

If you love both post-punk and electro, and often find yourself missing early 80s new wave, Les Animaux Sauvages will come to your rescue. Its lead vocalist and lyricist is the actress Sibila Seraphim, and their sound is created by Ivo Stoyadinov – Charlie, whose unmistakable guitar riffs directly transport you to another dimension.

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