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SAIGO's musical nomadism

The neo-soul performer and frequent collaborator of Kan Wakan found the right stage and a surprisingly openminded audience in Bulgaria

Migrants Got Talent: Piero Epifania from Peru

The Ritmos Negros frontman first came to Bulgaria nine years ago

Poetry's "Other Light"

"Оther light" is a video triptych by artists Ralitsa Toneva and Spartak Yordanov inspired by contemporary Bulgarian poetry.

The two Violets who turned Tell Me into a colorful place for dancing and freedom

KANAAL: Тhrough the proper channels

Antonia and Lyubomir Chonos have been married for fifteen years, and even though two thirds of their marriage have been spent at KANAAL, they can still make each other laugh, which is probably the key to their success.

Tonearm, cartridge, stylus and vinyl

After years in which vinyl factories and record companies around the world suffered from the lack of profitable interest in their product, with its high sound quality and collector's value, and many expected an even darker future of total market collapse, a new trend surprised everyone – a significant jump in vinyl sales.

Music undercover

Todor Karastoyanov has deep connections to the stage but he does not like the spotlight. He is part of at least one project you may have heard live whose members prefer to remain anonymous. He plays for (or has co-founded) the bands 3TELETA, Lacrima Christi, Animatsionerite, Nasekomix

Meet you at the Fonoteka after midnight

Music blogs and media have become increasingly rare, and there are very few Bulgarian examples with any longevity: among them is Fonoteka Elektrika, which Alexander Vladimirov started more than a decade ago, and which remains the perfect guide to what is going on at "clubs, basements and afterparties."

Feedbacker, TDK, Expectations and Krekhaus - several bands tell us how to build an audience, mutual trust and sustainability.

Radioman Tsvetan Tsvetanov

In 2008 Alarma Punk Jazz was spontaneously born – a concert series and a real revolution on national airwaves. Since then, hundreds of different bands have performed live on the Hristo Botev program and Tsvetan has long been one of the most active promoters of alternative music in Bulgaria.

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