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The Torture and Insurrection of Andres Serrano

With his two ambitious projects, the artist traces people’s innate drive towards fear and violence.

Poetry's "Other Light"

"Оther light" is a video triptych by artists Ralitsa Toneva and Spartak Yordanov inspired by contemporary Bulgarian poetry.

On the skating board

Adding skateboarding to the list of activities supported by the Youth Union was not only a way for the system to retain control and closely monitor the activities of young people, but also, in its own way, a ridiculous paradox. Because Bulgaria is perhaps one of the few Eastern European countries where skateboarding, a peculiar underground culture, was institutionalized.

Where everyone has time to read: Stratos Kalafatis on what brings him back to Athos and the importance of photobooks.

Limited editions

Independent printed publications by Bulgarian authors are already numerous enough to be collected in a special physical and digital archive.

Life as a series of changes

Krassimir Terziev has witnessed all the different processes in Bulgarian contemporary art since the 1990s, has been an active participant in them, and to this day is an artist from whom we can still expect interesting new ideas.

Abandoned Utopias with Danila Tkachenko

Danila Tkachenko is an award-winning visual artist from Moscow who describes himself as a "composer" of a new reality and explores various consequences of the human quest for a utopian future with documentary photography.

Portraits of the Human: Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre have been exploring modern ruins with their cameras for years and have noticed that what leads to development is also the cause of destruction.

The exhibition Traces of Empires brings together some of his most interesting photographs from around the world.

Buzludzha - Until Your Eyes Pop Out

With the help of social media and reports from media organizations such as The Guardian, CNN and The Economist, Buzludzha has become the most famous abandoned building in the world.

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