System Transfer

Moving poster workshop with Paul Voggenreiter, part of FIG. 3 - Festival for Illustration and Graphics

Princess Casino

Site-specific installation by Alina Papazova in Depoo gallery

The Unknown Soldiers of Bulgarian Photography

In recent years, Synthesis Gallery has been restoring the fragmented and poorly documented history of photography in Bulgaria

Where does art confront its own limits and the limitations of its medium? And what follows beyond the limits of art?

The Sensitive Observer

The Chinese illustrator Zhigang Zhang captures the emotions of the crowd

A space for discussion: Transitional (un)Justice

A site-specific installation by Bayr(y)am Bayr(y)amali at KO-OP

The Network Interface of Your Heart

In the heart of photographer and computer engineer Tsvetelina Dimitrova, art and technology pulse in synch 

The Neighbours: A Different Reading of the Communist Past

Krasimira Butseva and Julian Chehirian talk about the double exhibition The Neighbours, the product of many years of research on communist-era repressions

The exhibition “Inner Sky” by Gabor Mate is at Synthesis Gallery from November 3 to January 10, curated by Nadezhda Pavlova and Nikola Mihov.

War through the Camera Lens

The celebrated duo of Bulgarian war journalism talks about Ukraine, Syria and why honest reporting matters most

The Torture and Insurrection of Andres Serrano

With his two ambitious projects, the artist traces people’s innate drive towards fear and violence.

Sebastian Meschenmoser does not really believe in adults

The German author and illustrator of children's book preffers animals for his characters

Vision for journal: A manual to Manifesta 14

Swimming Pool's new online platform looks for the connection between art and communities and this month tells us about the main themes of the nomadic biennial Manifesta in Pristina.

Lars of Tarnovo

The founder of the Heerz Tooya gallery in Veliko Tarnovo and the ARV.I residency in Vishovgrad finds more and more meaning in his work

The Man with Seven Names

After nearly a decade in Bulgaria, French artist Mitch Brezounek continues to focus on global and local absurdities

Print me a nest

The fellowship of graphic painters Zoran Mishe, Goran Trichkovski, Vasil Angelov, Pavel Tselkoski and Ivan Mateev, or Print Nest, who create their creative "nest" in the heart of the city.

Once Upon a Time in Athos

Where everyone has time to read: Stratos Kalafatis on what brings him back to Athos and the importance of photobooks.

Limited editions

Independent printed publications by Bulgarian authors are already numerous enough to be collected in a special physical and digital archive.

Mark as read

With her project under development "Bookmarks" Maria Nalbantova explores reading habits and what the small traces say about the past.

Animators Against War

In late February, hundreds of Russian animators joined their Ukrainian counterparts in condemning the war in a collective statement. Just a few days later, "Animators Against War" appeared in Russia – a collective of more than a hundred artists who created a series of short videos whose main message was "No to war."

The artist Alla Georgieva and her way to explain to herself what happened amidst the ongoing trauma.

Peace-creators: Aleksey Kulinkovich

Aleksey Kulinkovich studied interior design, but for almost ten years he has been working as an illustrator and graphic designer for various advertising companies in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus.

Peace-creators: Maria Kinovych

Maria Kinovych is a Ukrainian illustrator. In March, we find her outside Kyiv. After the military attacks began, she left her home in the capital and moved to western Ukraine.

Hillside punk

Martina Vacheva's first solo exhibition Sereality (2016) in Sariev Gallery with curator Vera Mlechevska attracted the attention of her colleagues and the public, and it quickly became clear that her work would be popular both in Bulgaria and abroad.

Krassimir Terziev has witnessed all the different processes in Bulgarian contemporary art since the 1990s, has been an active participant in them, and to this day is an artist from whom we can still expect interesting new ideas.

This is who Mihail Mihaylov is

When Mihail Mihailov says that he is about to spend several weeks in complete isolation in Vienna, he is not talking about quarantine. Ever since it was announced in January that the installation There You Are would represent Bulgaria at this year's Venice Biennale, Mihailov has been caught in a whirlwind of media appearances, logistical challenges and deadlines, while his desire to shake off all this noise and focus on real work has only increased.

Cultural habits

Stefka Tsaneva's work focuses on culture and organizing cultural events. Although this has always included a wide range of events and genres, her personal passion is contemporary art – looking at it, thinking and writing about it, curating and organizing exhibitions.

Patrick Harjei and the Roots of Polish Design

Patrick Harjei is an internationally renowned, multidisciplinary illustrator, graphic designer and researcher who we will have the pleasure of listening to and watching live as one of the guests at the one-day symposium at the MELBA 2021 Design Festival

Abandoned Utopias with Danila Tkachenko

Danila Tkachenko is an award-winning visual artist from Moscow who describes himself as a "composer" of a new reality and explores various consequences of the human quest for a utopian future with documentary photography.

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre have been exploring modern ruins with their cameras for years and have noticed that what leads to development is also the cause of destruction.

Vive le monde

The exhibition Traces of Empires brings together some of his most interesting photographs from around the world.

Haunted by the Ghost of the Past

In Urbex Gaitandjiev films abandoned buildings, underground spaces and facilities, whose present is marked by disrepair.

Welcome to the Post-Industrial Age

Denislav Stoychev captures faces and places so naturally that it's easy to forget that there is a foreign presence, a photographer behind them. Photographs of abandoned buildings make up a large part of his archive, although this is far from the only thing that interests him.


Three print editions with different focus that complement and develop our understanding of contemporary dance