Maya Stefanova

Maya is the managing editor of Vij! and has worked as a journalist and editor in the cultural sphere for many years. She has a bachelor's degree in European Studies from Sofia University with a profile in Media Studies. She began her career in television, at the music channel MM, then she continued in the PR and Marketing department at "Diema Vision" and "Nova TV" before working as an editor covering entertainment and culture at Dnevnik from 2011 to 2020. She has been on the Vij! roster since 2016. Over the years, she has contributed to the Reel Feel project and the Sea Garden festival in Burgas, and her writing has also appeared in Capital Light, Rubbed Magazine, Boyscout Magazine, Go Guide, One Week in Sofia, HEЯ, Blister, etc.

Save the night with VERA

One of the popular names of the German electronic club scena comes to Sofia for the first birthday party of DOM club bringing her selection and experience, built since the Love Parade years in the early 90s.

Sounds from the Woomb

The latest project from producer Gueorgui Linev and photographer Hristo Yordanov, for whom music is a way of experiencing extreme emotions.

Galloping and diving into the rhythms of Puma and the Dolphin.

Post 1000 Names Nikolay Todorov has devoted himself to his Puma & The Dolphin project which provided the sountrack to the massively successful Louis Vitton/Yayoi Kysama campaign.

The skilled observer who tells stories in the most universal language – the visual one

Kapka Kassabova And The Unwitting Polyphony Of Balkan Literature

Where the writer sees clear signs that the peripheral languages are becoming more central

Peter Pocs and the world's richest language

The Hungarian artist has no idea what it’s like to turn a blind eye to political issues and social problems, and uses the universal language of the poster.

Sophie Ung's Repeating Motifs

Illustrator and tattoo artist Sophie Ung seeks the golden mean between illustrations, tattoos and questions of identity

Jun First

Jun Yoshida takes us on a quick tour of his childhood kitchen and gives us a crash course in Japanese cuisine and its local roots

The writer of childhood among library shelves, reading in grandma's yard and the pinnacle of fiction

Natural Structures

Jewelry designer Neva Balnikova and the moment of creation