Kameliya Velichkova

Kameliya is the founder, publisher and creative director of ВИЖ!. She has a degree in History and Theory of Culture from Sofia University and, in addition to running the magazine, she has more than 15 years of experience in graphic and editorial design. Kameliya published more than 200 print projects and zines for cultural organizations, artists, platforms for education, environment and human rights. With ВИЖ! team she organised several group exhibitions of contemporary visual artists, creative competitions, literary readings and book launches, film screenings, lectures, music events, etc. Member of the Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria.

Maya Stefanova
editor in chief

Maya is the editor in chief of Vij!. Maya has worked as a journalist and editor in the cultural sphere for many years. She has a bachelor's degree in European Studies from Sofia University with a profile in Media Studies. She began her career in television, at the music channel MM, before working as an editor covering entertainment and culture at Dnevnik from 2011 to 2020. She has been on the Vij! roster since 2016. Over the years, she has contributed to the Reel Feel project and the Sea Garden festival in Burgas, and her writing has also appeared in Capital Light, Rubbed Magazine, Boyscout Magazine, Go Guide, HEЯ, Blister, BTA, etc.

Svetoslav Todorov
editor in chief

Journalist, writer, poet, DJ and promoter at the music platform Indioteque. Svetoslav has many years of journalistic and editorial experience on topics related to culture more broadly, and has written for Dnevnik, Capital Light, Balkan Inside. He has a degree in Bulgarian Philology and a master's degree in Film, Literature and Visual Culture from Sofia University. He is the author of the short story collections The People Who Slept Alone (2014) and Ten Conversations (2017). His audio collection Nothing Will Happen to You was released in 2020.

Boryana Pandova

Boryana Pandova is a visual artist working in photography and video and a participant in various projects focusing on social issues. Her educational background includes theater, and her engagement with that discipline led to her love of photography and video. She has a degree in Artistic and Applied Photography from the National Theater Academy Krastyo Sarafov and a master's degree in Photography from the National Academy of Arts. She is part of the core team of the "Na zhivo" project, which is part of the "Art for Social Change – Games Against Violence" program. Co-founder of CAMERA ELECTRONICA. She has been teaching at NATFIZ Krastyo Sarafov since 2019.

Ivan Dimitrov

Ivan is a prose writer who allows himself to write poetry, and thinks that we could all do with less drama in real life, so he redirects it all into his work as a playwright. He is the author of six books, and he is in charge of Vij!'s coverage of contemporary Bulgarian literature. Ivan has many years of journalistic and editorial experience, and has worked in communications and project development in the cultural field. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Bulgarian Philology and a master's degree in Cultural Anthropology from Sofia University. He has written for a number of outlets, including Gorichka, One Week in Sofia, Egoist and Dnevnik. His play The Eyes of Others debuted in New York.

Mila Mihilova

Mila Mihailova graduated from Sofia University with a degree in French Philology and has been working in the field of online communications and digital advertising ever since. She has worked for the agency Brand New Ideas, EventEase and Bureau "Creative Europe-Bulgaria," and is currently working in marketing and communications for the foundation ONE for Culture and Arts, KO-OP gallery and Vij! magazine.

Mihaela Lyutskanova

Mihaela is a specialist with broad knowledge and experience in the field of advertising, marketing and distribution in the culture sphere. She has a longtime experience as a PR and marketing specialist at Art Fest, Sofia Film Fest and Cinema House, she has worked for various artists and organizations in the creative industry.

Zdravka Raeva

Zdravka has a master's degree in Public Relations from Sofia University. Her background in advertising, client relations, and sales management makes her an ideal addition to the Vij! team, where her role is Marketing Manager.

Maria Vassileva

Maria joins the Vij! orbit as a translator responsible for the English language edition of the magazine. She has been working with words and languages, online and on paper, since the early 2000s. In her spare time, she feeds stray cats in Sofia and Burgas.

Nasso Ruskov

Musician, journalist, poet, translator and radio host. From decades, Nasso Ruskov has been something like an ambassador for the British culture and music in Bulgaria: first, back in the 90's he fronted one of the first few bands acts who dared to sing in English on the local scene - Babyface Clan, then found some international recognition with Imbeciles & the Poison Umbrella, now you can often see him DJ'ing and next to electro-pop act Les Animaux Sauvages.