New Electronic Generation

The early history of programming and computer education in Bulgaria

Electronic Sound

A guide to the “dehumanizing” sounds, from hardware to software and back again

Gaming culture

How attitudes towards video games and their role in young people’s lives have changed

In the heart of photographer and computer engineer Tsvetelina Dimitrova, art and technology pulse in synch 

Where there’s technology, there’s politics

Ilia Temelkov from the Tranzistor podcast explains why we can't analyze today’s innovations without considering a broad range of topics

Imagining the Future

What will the future of humanity look amidst all the new technologies entering our lives? We spoke to Alexander Popov, part of team ot ShadowDance magazine, and futurologist Marianna Todorova about “superintelligence” and our possible futures

What are they really telling us with their misinformation?

Matthew Brunwasser, an American journalist with connections to Bulgaria, analyzes how political thought and engagement is changing in our country, and what the lack of media literacy says about our society

War through the Camera Lens

The celebrated duo of Bulgarian war journalism talks about Ukraine, Syria and why honest reporting matters most

A conversation with Kristina Hristova from the Coalition for Media Literacy and about the importance of understanding where, what and how to read

Once upon OneTree...

Why it’s important for trees to show up on the map even where they don't actually grow

The Home of Green Satire

This year's edition of the Gabrovo Biennale combines the city's iconic frugality with ecology, and we spoke to the director of the Museum of Humor and Satire, Margarita Dorovska, about it

Berlin clubs are going climate neutral

The Clubtopia project helps owners retrofit their clubs to make them greener

Sofia’s Gardeners

There is urban agriculture in Bulgaria, but it needs institutional support to develop

Why new and established ecological organizations in our country believe that the conversation and awareness about environmental protection and climate change is (actually) evolving

Lars of Tarnovo

The founder of the Heerz Tooya gallery in Veliko Tarnovo and the ARV.I residency in Vishovgrad finds more and more meaning in his work

Rin Yamamura: Life upside down

How a Japanese puppeteer decided to study in Bulgaria, and the definition of a "sleeping man"

The Man with Seven Names

After nearly a decade in Bulgaria, French artist Mitch Brezounek continues to focus on global and local absurdities

SAIGO's musical nomadism

The neo-soul performer and frequent collaborator of Kan Wakan found the right stage and a surprisingly openminded audience in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, why?

Ashira Morris tells us why Bulgaria feels like the the perfect level of chaos where things feel possible.

Migrants Got Talent: Sara Faizi from Afghanistan

"I feel happy here because Bulgaria helped me," says the founder of Khaala Sara Foodz

Migrants Got Talent: Alexandra Dikaia from Ukraine

"I'm one of those people who always have their own vision for things," says the Ukrainian illustrator and publisher.

Migrants Got Talent: Piero Epifania from Peru

The Ritmos Negros frontman first came to Bulgaria nine years ago

Big little books

ICU and DA poetry publishing house are part of the rise of small publishing houses in the last 15 years, but that is not the only thing they have in common.

Quiet, the Iranian movie is about to start

If you've been to a screening from the MENAR Festival program (covering Middle Eastern, Central Asian and North African cinema), it's quite likely that the event also involved tea, food, or books.

Science, Rationally

Lyubomir Baburov from the popular science platform Ratio on expanding the platform over the years and returning to live events

Actions for change

Denitsa Ljubenova from the youth LGBTI organization Deistvie ("Action")

Print me a nest

The fellowship of graphic painters Zoran Mishe, Goran Trichkovski, Vasil Angelov, Pavel Tselkoski and Ivan Mateev, or Print Nest, who create their creative "nest" in the heart of the city.

KANAAL: Тhrough the proper channels

Antonia and Lyubomir Chonos have been married for fifteen years, and even though two thirds of their marriage have been spent at KANAAL, they can still make each other laugh, which is probably the key to their success.

On the skating board

Adding skateboarding to the list of activities supported by the Youth Union was not only a way for the system to retain control and closely monitor the activities of young people, but also, in its own way, a ridiculous paradox. Because Bulgaria is perhaps one of the few Eastern European countries where skateboarding, a peculiar underground culture, was institutionalized.

Joanna Elmy has long given us good reasons to read and think, but now also in the long form of a novel.

Poetic archeology

How literary walks are created and what is the role of the city in the work of poets

Mark as read

With her project under development "Bookmarks" Maria Nalbantova explores reading habits and what the small traces say about the past.

Limited editions

Independent printed publications by Bulgarian authors are already numerous enough to be collected in a special physical and digital archive.

The legendary bibliophile

Tony Fekete travels constantly in pursuit of the latest copy for his library and films a reality show where he's starring as the book version of Anthony Bourdain

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