Vij! is an independent arts and culture media outlet.


Over the last ten years, our publication has established itself as a well-known platform in the culture and media space thanks to its signature style, strong visual identity, its support for young authors, and coverage of the most current topics – often explored from an unconventional angle.


Vij! is a network connecting the creative community and its audience. The goal of this publication is to cover the most interesting and important projects and topics in the cultural field today, as well as to provide a platform for young artists working in different fields and genres. The monthly print issues are organized around different themes and are distributed for free in Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas, as well as the southern parts of the Black Sea coast during the summer months. You can browse the complete archive of the virtual edition at


In the spring of 2020, during the lockdown imposed as part of the pandemic state of emergency, the magazine partnered with publishing house Janet 45 and released its first book When outside was inside. Isolation diaries. The project received an award from the Sofia Metropolitan Municipality for outstanding achievements in the field of culture. The book launched as part of the Sofia International Literary Festival and received two nominations for the annual "Golden Lion" literary awards of the Bulgarian Book Association – in the categories "Publishing Project with Great Public Significance" and "Best Book."



During 2020-2021, the Vij! team organized several group exhibitions: Isolation diaries (Sofia and Plovdiv, 2020) with works by more than 70 contemporary visual artists and writers (curated by Vesela Nozharova) and the exhibition The First Hundred (Sofia and Burgas, 2021) featuring 40 contemporary visual artists.Vij! has also organized creative competitions, literary readings and book launches, film screenings, etc.


For us, Vij! is not just a job, but also a breath of inspiration and creative freedom to which we dedicate our time with pleasure and a lot of love. We hope that our readers feel the same way.


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