Виж! is a national print magazine for arts and culture that is monthly distributed free in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas. In the summer season - we distribute the magazine in the South Black Sea coast - from Sozopol to Sinemoretz.

Виж! (as in Take a look) is a media entirely focused on the subjects of culture, arts and contemporary urban lifestyle. It is a modern city guide and our trade mark is good design and thematic editions.




The print editions of Vij! are distributed for free at more than 300 selected locations, in the downtown areas of Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas. The distribution network of the magazine includes urban cultural spaces, restaurants, clubs, bars, stores, etc., as well as the major cultural events and festivals in Bulgaria.




The media is speaking to the young, educated urban people looking for art and innovation, active users of social media with a dynamic cultural and social life. They are aware of the contemporary trends and are constantly hungry for experiences and development.




Partners and clients of Vij! over the years have been: Absolut, IKEA, Mini Cooper, Haineken, Staropramen, Siteground, Vivacom, Sociеte Generale, Cinema city, Fashion Days, Storytel, Bioderma, Remix, Liebherr, Tatratea and many others.




85% - Bulgaria

15% - Europe and the United States

55% - women

45% - men

34% - between 25 and 34 years

28% - between 18-25 years

20% - between 35-44 years


Over 100 printed issues of ВИЖ! magazine 
Over 25 000 followers in the social networks


For more information on the possibilities for advertising presence, as well as on the development of common projects, write to us at office@vijsofia.bg