Whatever Nikolai Grozni sows, that shall he write

The book “Black Sea Upanishad” recounts the past three years of the globe-trotting writer and poet’s life. Here we find him a happy hermit in Sozopol.

Kapka Kassabova And The Unwitting Polyphony Of Balkan Literature

Where the writer sees clear signs that the peripheral languages are becoming more central

The tender reader Olga Tokarczuk

The writer of childhood among library shelves, reading in grandma's yard and the pinnacle of fiction

We talk to the co-author of the bestselling book The Dawn of Everything about the myth of the State as a “necessary evil”, the origins of inequality and how to change the future, starting with the past

The Other Memory

In her first novel, Justine Toms tells the story of the women's camps in the early years of the totalitarian regime in Bulgaria, and now she is working on the second one – about how those who were different lived in the 50s and 60s

Georgi Gospodinov

Georgi Gospodinov (1968) is a Bulgarian poet, writer and playwright. One of the foremost European writers of today, says about him Alberto Manguel. Gospodinov’s debut novel, Natural Novel (1999), is published in 23 languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Icelandic. His latest book is the novel Time Shelter. Published in April 2020 amidst the quarantine and the peak of the pandemic, it topped the bestselling-books charts in Bulgaria.

The Boundaries of Water

The Ohrid and Prespa lakes tell the story of the Balkans in Kapka Kassabova's new novel

Made of words

Joanna Elmy has long given us good reasons to read and think, but now also in the long form of a novel.

The German author and illustrator of children's book preffers animals for his characters

Poetry's "Other Light"

"Оther light" is a video triptych by artists Ralitsa Toneva and Spartak Yordanov inspired by contemporary Bulgarian poetry.

Big little books

ICU and DA poetry publishing house are part of the rise of small publishing houses in the last 15 years, but that is not the only thing they have in common.

Poetic archeology

How literary walks are created and what is the role of the city in the work of poets

Mark as read

With her project under development "Bookmarks" Maria Nalbantova explores reading habits and what the small traces say about the past.

Tony Fekete travels constantly in pursuit of the latest copy for his library and films a reality show where he's starring as the book version of Anthony Bourdain

Nikola Petrov

Recently "DA" Poetry Publishing House published his third poetry book "They are not monsters"


The parallels between Todor Zhivkov and Boyko Borissov have been explored many times in public and journalistic spaces, as well as in art. In his new book He breaks he cuts he spills (Janet 45), photographer Nikola Mihov brings this parallel to a higher level.

One Book Bookstore

At a time when small businesses are struggling, bookstores are opening and closing, and there are many challenges with distribution, Yordan D. Radichkov did something quite strange: he opened One Book Bookstore, at 8 Varbitsa Street, which only sells one book for a specific amount time, along with prints by illustrators who worked on that edition.

Maria Macedonska

Winner of various awards over the years, Maria recently fought for first place at the second Huawei Smartphone Film Festival with her documentary short film "In Search of the Boy Who Singed"

Nadezhda Radulova

You may know Nadezhda Radulova mostly as an English translator. She worked on books by authors such as Philip Roth, Garth Greenwell, Raymond Carver. Against this background, she has been publishing poetry since the early '90s.

Marin Bodakov

Marin Bodakov writes, publishes and carefully follows the literature scene through his criticism. He is the author of several collections of poems. He has been running the "Literature" section in the "Kultura" newspaper.

Stefan Ivanov

Stefan Ivanov, born in 1986 in Sofia, is a Bulgarian poet, playwright, writer, dramaturg and journalist. In 2017 his play “The Same Day” was staged at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, New York by director John Michael DiResta. In 2018 he was a playwright in residence in the National Theatre of Luxembourg. In 2019 the animated short film “Tasks of the day” based on his poem of the same name qualified for the “Oscar” awards. He has been nominated and awarded for many national poetry and theatre awards. Since 2003 he has published numerous articles, essays and other texts in dozens of different magazines, newspapers and sites.

Dani Radichkov is the author of three books of short stories and the founder of the "Nike" publishing house, in which he republishes the books of his famous grandfather Yordan Radichkov. Danny is also the driving force behind One Book Bookstore - a space at 8 "Verbitsa" street, in which for a certain time only one book is sold, as well as prints of the illustrators who worked on the title.

Elitza Georgieva

She flies into the world of cinema and literature with surprising confidence. Her debut book, The Cosmonauts Aren’t Here to Stay, in which she talks about her childhood, is imprinted in the minds of readers with its humor, the point of view of a little girl and the serious topics that she runs through in an ethereal and meaningful way.

Ninko Kirilov

Ninko Kirilov is born on 7 December 1983 in Bulgaria. He has a major degree in journalism and has some short stories and poems translated and published in English and Serbian. His books published so far - "Doubles and animals"(2013), "A human amongst people" (2017), "Three plays" (2018) and "Rawer" (2019), “Falling forever” (2021) and "Other holes, too". (2022).

Manol Glishev

Manol Glishev was born in Sofia, in 1983. He has published four books of poetry, some essays and articles for a number of media outlets.

Kaloyan Pramatarov

Kaloyan Pramatarov is a poet and translator with a visual flair. In addition to the collection of poems "Asphodel" (2012), he is also the author of "Casual Nobody" (trans. into English by Marta Savova, 2013) and the multimedia poetic performance "Sunsets over the Black River" ( 2014). He is the screenwriter of the animated film "Postindustrial", directed by his brother Boris Pramatarov, part of the Compote Collective project for visual poetry "Verse and Stroke", as well as the documentary short film "In the Land of No One", directed by Dimitar Ovcharov. He translates humanities and fiction from French, he is part of the COHM publishing team.

Katerina Stoykova is an award-winning poet, actress, teacher, translator, radio host, engineer, editor, publisher, world-traveler and a mid-career adventurer. She is the founder and senior editor of Accents Publishing. Born in Bulgaria and having lived in the USA for over twenty years, she thinks and lives in two languages.

Rossen Karamfilov

"A daring Book." This is how Georgi Gospodinov briefly describes Rosen Karamfilov's latest poetry book "Cerebral Poetry", which appeared not long ago and grabbed us by the throat with the title, and then with the emotions hidden between the covers. His poems have been published in English, Turkish and Italian.

Rene Karabash

Rene Karabash is the pen name of Irena Ivanova (1989) – a writer, a scriptwriter, a theatre director and an actress. Her poems have been published in various literary anthologies around the world. She is the founder of The Rabbit Hole — an academy for creative writing, which enrolls as instructors some of the most prominent writers, screenwriters and playwrights in the country.

Yordanka Beleva

Yordanka Beleva was born in 1977 in the town of Tervel. Winner of first prizes for poetry and prose. Her texts have been published in English, German, Croatian, Czech and Arabic languages. He is the author of two collections of poems "Peggios and Ladies" (2001) and "Her" (2012). Her first book of short stories "The Altitude of Love" (2011) took our minds and words, and in 2015 she decided to delight us with another portion of prose in "Keys".

Ivan Dimitrov

Ivan is a prose writer who allows himself to write poetry, and thinks that we could all do with less drama in real life, so he redirects it all into his work as a playwright. He is the author of six books. Ivan has many years of journalistic and editorial experience, and has worked in communications and project development in the cultural field. His play The Eyes of Others debuted in New York.

Ivanka Mogilska has five published books: the short story collection "This land, that land" (Janet 45, 2017); novels "Hideaways" and "Sudden Streets" (Janet 45, 2007, 2013); and two poetry collections "Otherwise" and "DNA" (Janet 45, 2010, 2004), each one with a national award - for poetry debut and for poetry book of the year from young author. Some of her works are translated into English, French, Hungarian, Russian, Farsi and Bangla. She lives in Sofia, works as a copywriter freelancer and takes part as a writer and performer in art actions and performances of Bulgarian digital artists and musicians.

Svetoslav Todorov

Journalist, writer, poet, DJ and promoter at the music platform Indioteque. Svetoslav has many years of journalistic and editorial experience on topics related to culture more broadly, and has written for Dnevnik, Capital Light, Balkan Inside. He is the author of the short story collections The People Who Slept Alone (2014) and Ten Conversations (2017). His audio collection Nothing Will Happen to You was released in 2020.