Mihail Novakov


Mihail Novakov is a photographer and visual artist, born in Sofia, Bulgaria. His work documents the colourful and almost kitsch nonsense of everyday life. He adopts an ironic approach to how he views himself and his surroundings, and he has a unique way of finding beauty in the absurd. Novakov's genuine curiosity about the
contemporary world manifests in his collection of works. The main subjects of his work are urban culture, social observation and youth culture which he documents in vibrant, colour photography.


Princess Casino

Site-specific installation by Alina Papazova in Depoo gallery

Boundary systems

Where does art confront its own limits and the limitations of its medium? And what follows beyond the limits of art?

A space for discussion: Transitional (un)Justice

A site-specific installation by Bayr(y)am Bayr(y)amali at KO-OP