Mila Mihailova

Mila Mihailova graduated from Sofia University with a degree in French Philology and has been working in the field of online communications and digital advertising ever since. She has worked for the agency Brand New Ideas, EventEase and Bureau "Creative Europe-Bulgaria," and is currently working in marketing and communications for the foundation ONE for Culture and Arts, KO-OP gallery and Vij! magazine.

System Transfer

Moving poster workshop with Paul Voggenreiter, part of FIG. 3 - Festival for Illustration and Graphics

Princess Casino

Site-specific installation by Alina Papazova in Depoo gallery

Boundary systems

Where does art confront its own limits and the limitations of its medium? And what follows beyond the limits of art?

A site-specific installation by Bayr(y)am Bayr(y)amali at KO-OP