Kameliya Velichkova

Kameliya is the founder, publisher and editor in chief of Vij!. She is in charge of the design and layout of the publication, and also runs the visual arts column "Artist's corner." She has a degree in History and Theory of Culture from Sofia University and, in addition to running the magazine, she has worked as a freelance designer for 15 years. She is part of the team behind the Burgas International Film Festival, Darik Radio's "dolce far niente," the projects "Scrap materials" by workshop Punkt and "Camera Electronics," the platform oldburgas.com, etc.

Music undercover

Todor Karastoyanov has deep connections to the stage but he does not like the spotlight. He is part of at least one project you may have heard live whose members prefer to remain anonymous. He plays for (or has co-founded) the bands 3TELETA, Lacrima Christi, Animatsionerite, Nasekomix

Chris Haughton's neon palettes

He describes his style as simple and colorful, and his characters as helpful but still missing something important. This is how the Irish illustrator, book author and social entrepreneur Chris Haughton sees himself.

Blood Becomes Water

Blood is thicker than water. Not if you ask the art collective Blood Becomes Water, which has been releasing limited edition publications about contemporary art since 2010 and also works in the field of illustration and graphic design

Mila Yaneva - Tabakova for the boutique graphic novel Souvenirs, which she self-published in a limited edition of 100 copies


Sabina Radeva is a graphic designer and illustrator, and – more recently – an author. Her love of art and science led to her literary debut Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species which has now also been published in Bulgarian by Ciela.


For years, we have admired her work in graphic design and illustration, things she describes as "the most fun kind of game." We can also add her successful work in animation – especially Father, but also Traveling Country (both from Compote Collective).


Thus, gradually and quite naturally, Iva became a master of the fine arts, also working as a sculptor, author and illustrator of several books, including Six Stories,The Badger and the Lonely Oak and Unloved Toys, all part of the catalog of Begemot publishing house, which she runs with her husband Nikolai Grozni

Joe Caslin and the Streets of Ireland

Joe Caslin is a teacher responsible for some of the most provoking pieces of street art anyone has ever seen on the streets of Ireland

Mark Conlan is a multidisciplinary illustrator from Dublin, based in Melbourne, Australia. He has created concept images for a variety of products, publications, books, advertising campaigns and individual commissioned illustrations for clients around the world.


Her latest work In Sofia is a 116-page graphic story with only three sentences. She has devoted six years (minus two months) to this exciting story about Sofia as seen through the eyes of a foreigner.